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Due to its Geographical placement in a disaster prone location, environmental issues are always critical in Nepal. The awareness of conservation of environment and nature is growing at a public level. There are also some examples of closing down businesses following adverse public opinion and protests made by environmental activists. Sustainable business initiatives are gaining appreciation and are afforded tax incentives and other concessions.

A set of law deals with the environmental matters in Nepal which has been supplemented by various scattered legislations. The regulatory circulars and directives also have considerable impact on the business. In the absence of single regulator, different authorities come into play on matters within their competence adding difficulty in compliance and posing business and reputational risk.

Pioneer Law provides advice and guidance through our trained and experienced attorneys on overall environmental issues. Our services ranges from preparing overall compliance checklist, providing legal advice on environmental related issues, assisting in conducting Initial Environmental Examination and Environmental Impact Assessment, and identifying environmental issues in corporate deals.

Pioneer Law has assisted industries operating in a variety of sectors on environmental matters such as manufacturing, service, energy, to name a few. Pioneer Law has a team of lawyers with considerable knowledge and experience in this field and is supported by paralegals familiar with the local issues.

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Anup Raj Upreti

Anup Raj Upreti

Managing Partner